Saturday, 23 December 2017

Best E-Liquid UK: How to Pick Your Favourite Flavour and E-Juice?

There is no single e-juice that can be termed as the Best E-liquid in the UK. The criterion pertaining to the term ‘best’ is dependent on various factors and individual preferences. However, one can make the choice for the best e-juice for yourself. Read on further to get a mind map on how to find your favorite pick.

Choosing an e-liquid juice with the right nicotine content
In most cases, people who have decided to quit smoking take to vaping. Therefore, you need to choose a juice that can just provide you with the right hit that is no longer available from the cigarettes. E-juice is available in various nicotine strengths that range from 0mg to 24mg. The latter one is for the heavy smokers. In most of the cases, one would like to choose an e-juice with strengths falling somewhere between this range.

Right throat hit

The best kind of E-liquid would provide you with the right hit on your throat. For some of the people, it may a harsh hit at the back of the throat. However, certain people would prefer a gentle hit on the throat. The throat hit effect depends upon the polypropylene glycol content of your e –liquid. The greater the PG content, the higher is the hit experienced.

Right cloud making capabilities 

Those who prefer a mellow hit, it should be flavour some, sweet and laid back, then the vegetable glycerine content in the e juice needs to be considered. The more the VG content, the mellower would be the effect. Apart from this, higher VG content also means thicker clouds and fumes.
Right flavour 

There are a huge number of flavours to choose from. Think of the flavours that you like in general and then find the juices that contain these flavours. Those loving strawberries may opt for the strawberry flavour.

Experimenting with various juices 

The best to look for your favorite e-liquid is to experiment with the various juices available online. You can try a few various flavors and find a combination that you like the most.

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